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China Fortune FoundationLimited
The Structure
  Board of Directors
  Advisory Board
  Committee Members

CFFL will invite elites with solid accomplishments in the society, to give professional advices and guidance to CFFL, assist in operations and help facilitate projects.


Mr. AU Tin Fung, Edmund

   -     General Manager of Fortune Wealth Management
Ms. CHAN Kwai Yin, Miranda    -     Director of Frame Well Group Limited
Mr. CHAN Chi Ming, Alvin    -     Executive Director of Media Asia Group Holdings
         Limited (8075.HK)
Mr. Norman CHAN    -     Jornal Do Cidadao - Publishing Advisor
Mr. CHAN Chun Wai  
Ms. Pat CHAN  
Mr. Ross CHEUNG    -     Director of Colbert Finance Limited
   -     Director of Athens Capital Ltd.
Ms. CHOW Mei Fung, Lelia    -     Managing Director of Frement PR
   -     Honorary Advisor of Hong Kong Parkinson's
         Disease Foundation
   -     PR Consultant of LLCS Charity Limited
Mr. CHU King Yuen, MH, JP    -     Headmaster of N.T. Women & Juveniles Welfare
         Assn. Ltd. Leung Sing Tak Primary School
   -     Chairman of Hong Kong New Territories
         Headmasters Conference
   -     Member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative          Conference of Yangjiang Prefecture
Mr. Everett CHUI    -     Director of Cen-1 Partners Limited
   -     Independent Non-executive Director of Taung Gold
         International Limited
   -     Director of Wah Yan One Family Foundation
Mrs. HON Tin Nga Fong  
Dr. KUANG Qitao, MH    -     Honorary Fellow of Hong Kong Institute of
   -     Honorary Consultant of Hong Kong New
         Territories Headmasters Conference
   -     Education Consultant of Puan County, Guizhou
Prof. KWOK S. T. Edmund    -     Professor of Social Science Faculty, HKBU
   -     Honorary Advisor of Shenzhen Academy
         of Social Science
Mr. KWOK Yat Ming    -     Executive Director & CEO of Kingrich Asia
         Holding LTD
   -     Vice-Chairman of Hong Kong Federation of
   -     Guest Commentator of Phoenix Satellite
Mr. KWONG Ko Ming, Raymond    -     Managing Director of Chanford Limited
   -     Former Member of District Fight Crime
         Committee (Central and Western District)
   -     Former Assistant to New Zealand Trade
Ms. LAM Wai Ling, Leona, JP    -     Manager of Tai Po Old Market Public School
         (Plover Cove)
   -     Education Consultant of Hong Kong Institute of
Mr. LI Chun Tak    -     Consultant of International Environmental
         Consultants Limited
   -     Consultant of Road Scholar Consultant Limited
Mr. LI Jiaqiang    -     Dean of the School of Continuing Education,
         Tsinghua University
Mr. LIU Mingming    -      Member of Beijing Youth Federation
   -      Stand Member of Beijing Federation of
           Industry & Commerce
Mr. Hammond LUK    -     Executive Director of China Investment Fund
         Company Limited (0612.HK)

Prof. Victor F. S. SIT

   -     Director of Advanced Institute for
         Contemporary China Studies, HKBU
   -     Deputy to the 8th-10th National People's
   -     Member of Chief Executive Election Committee

Mr. SIU Miu Man, Simon

   -     Chairman of Hong Kong Kowloon City Industry
         and Commerce Association Limited
Mr. TIN Ka Pak    -     Executive Director of Value Convergence Holdings
         Ltd. (0821.HK)
Ms. WANG Zhongying    -     President of Recom Education Group
   -     President of Hong Kong Financial Services
   -     Honorary President of Hong Kong Federation
         of Woman
Ms. WANG Ying    -      President of United Global Resources, LLC
   -      President of Asia Consultants International Ltd
   -      Founder & President of Learn in USA, LLC
Mr. Lawrence WOO    -      Senior Manager of CFFL
Mr. YAN Kang  
Ms. Julie XU    -      Vice President of United Global Resources, LLC
   -      Vice President of China Fortune Group Strategic
          Investment Company Ltd.
Dr. Barton YU    -     Executive Director & Vice President of GCL
   -     Chairman & Non-Executive Director of Asia
         Energy Logistics Group Limited(0351.HK)
Mr. Sam YU    -     Director and Head of Legal and Compliance of Asia
         Pacific of GAM Hong Kong Limited
Mr. ZHANG Xiaoshu    -     Chairman of Hong Kong China Education Fund
   -     Chancellor of Hong Kong Financial Service
   -     CEO of Hong Kong Financial Research Institute
Ms. Ingrid ZHANG    -     Visiting Professor of Tianjin University
   -     Adviser of Education for Poverty Alleviation of
         School of Continuing Education of Tsinghua
Mr. ZHOU Wentao, Tom    -     Executive Director of Value Convergence
         Holdings Ltd. (0821.HK)

Honorary Secretary Mr. Ronald KUNG    -    Co-founder of Theo Integration Group Limited
   -    Council Member of HKICPA
   -    Panel Member of Securities and Futures Appeals
         Tribunal and the Barristers Disciplinary Tribunal

Honorary Treasurer Mr. Raymond CHENG    -    Managing Partner of HLB Hodgson Impey Cheng
   -    Vice President of Hong Kong Guangxi Chamber
         of Commerce

Honorary Legal Advisor Ms. Shirley LAU     -    Partner of Troutman Sanders Solicitors and
         International Lawyers

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